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Library FAQs

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How do I use the Bluefire app with enki eBooks?


Install & Set Up the App: 

  1. Open the App Store on your device.  
  2. Search for "bluefire."  
  3. Install the free BlueFire Reader.  
  4. Open the app as for first use - BlueFire will ask you to login with an Adobe ID.  Adobe IDs are always an email address and a password you were allowed to create.  
    • Already have one?  Enter it now.
    • Do not have one?  Tap the "Create a Free Adobe ID" link OR go to this page to create one.  Return to the app and input your information.  


·  When you have found a book that you want, tap the "Checkout" button. You will receive a confirmation message and be taken to the My Account screen.

·  Tap the "Download" button for the book.

·  Your browser will want to know what to do with the file - confirm that it should send the book to BlueFire.

·  The BlueFire Reader will open, and you will see it importing the book.  When it is finished, you may begin using the book.


Use a Book in the App:

  • Open a book: tap the book in the Library section of the app. It will open to fill the screen.
  • Turn a page: tap the right margin to go forward in the book, tap the left margin to go back a page.  
  • Close a book: tap the center of the book page. This pulls up a menu, choose "Library" to return to the list of books.
  • Change Reading Settings: tap the center of the page, and choose "Settings."  Settings has two sections, do not forget to "save" if you have changed something:  
    • General - where you can increase text size, margin size, etc. 
    • Formatting - advanced settings to change line spacing, color of background and text.  

Finished with a Book: 
Remove the book from the app by: 

  • Tapping the round arrow key at the end of the book's line.
  • When the book's details are shown, choose: 
    • Return for a book that is not yet expired.  This action even returns the book on your Enki account, so it is released for the next person to use.
    • Delete for books that have passed their checkout date.  

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