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Library FAQs

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What is the Wireless Hotspot Usage Policy


                Acceptable Use Agreement – Wireless Internet Access


             You must read and agree to the entire disclaimer to continue


*Library employees cannot provide customers with technical support on their

connection to the Internet via the wireless hotspot, nor can they aid you in

any way with your device.


*Wireless access is in a public area. Since others may be involuntarily exposed

to what is viewed, the Library asks that each user exercise good judgment and

consideration of others. If library staff become aware of subject matter that

would interfere with the maintenance of a reasonable and comfortable environment

for the public, the Internet user will be asked to end a search or change a screen.


*The Library wishes to make the Internet and all computer resources available to

anyone who respects the rights and property of others, and who abides by these

procedures. Failure to consider the rights of others may lead to the loss of

access privileges for a finite period.


*The Contra Costa County Library is conducting a project that will provide

wireless access for users of wireless-enabled devices (such as laptops).


*Contra Costa County Library is providing this service at no charge for users

who accept the Acceptable Use Policy, and subject to the following limitations

and disclaimers.


Limitations & Disclaimers:


*In using this free access to the Internet, I agree and hereby release, indemnify,

and hold harmless, Contra Costa County Library, the county, its officers and

employees, and any affiliate, from any theft, damage, malfunction, or loss that

may result from my use of this wireless access (this applies to personal identity,

data, or to physical devices and their peripherals)


*While using this wireless access, I acknowledge that I am subject to, and agree

to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of the Contra Costa County

Library, the county, the state of California, and the federal government that are

applicable to Internet use.


*Wireless access to the Internet is provided free of charge with no warranty or

guarantees. Because different devices have different receiving capabilities, we do

not guarantee that you will be able to access the Internet from any specific area

in or around the Library.


*The Library strongly recommends that you do not use the wireless access to

transmit personal data, such as credit information or social security numbers.


*At its sole discretion, the Contra Costa County Library and Contra Costa County

may modify or terminate this public service at anytime without prior notice.


*The library does not intentionally keep a log of use of the wireless service,

however the library makes no claims as to wi-fi hotspot users privacy.

The library will turn over data (or equipment which may hold data) to external

organizations as required by law.


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