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SECURITY. Is it safe to pay charges and fees using the library's e-commerce system?


There are several security layers in place on our e-commerce system to help ensure the safety of payment information entered on our site.

1.  Our e-commerce software does not store credit card data -- it allows for entry and transmission only.

2.  All data is entered on a fully secured form that uses encryption to enter and transmit data. Notice the "Verified Merchant" seal on the payment form, and that the URL begins with "https" rather than "http". This verifies the page you are viewing is using "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure" to encrypt the information entered before it is sent over the Internet.

3. After the secure data transmission from the library server,, a leading provider of payment gateway services, takes over the security of customer data. They will transmit either a success or failure message which is also encrypted and no longer contains any sensitive information. fully adheres to Payment Card Industry standards for the secure transmission and storage of customer data.

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