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My credit card payment was "declined" but looks like it was processed and paid by my bank, yet the charges are still showing on my Library account


Payments may be "declined" by the Library online payment system for the following reasons:

  • insufficient funds in Bank account
  • name, address, zipcode or CVV information (number on back of card) entered does not exactly match what is on account with the card-issuing Bank.

Declined payments may appear to be paid out by your Bank, but this is not the case and the funds that were reserved by the Bank to process the payment will be released back into your bank account when the transaction is reconciled by the Bank.

Here's how the payment process works:

The credit card transaction process starts when the patron requests the credit card company to pay the chosen amount and the card company then checks to make sure the funds are "available" from the Bank issuing the credit card. If the funds are available, the card company reserves the amount in preparation of settling a completed transaction. 

Verification steps then check the name, address and zip code with what is on file with the card issuing Bank to ensure that the person requesting the payment is authorized to use that account. If the Bank issuing the credit card is not able to match the information submitted (e.g. name / address / zip code on account), the transactions will be declined. 

The reserved amount remains reserved (and may appear paid out or no longer in the account) for several days while the Bank waits for a pending settlement. When the settlement does not occur, then the reserve amounts are released. The waiting period for settlement varies based on the card issuing Bank's policy.

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