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REFUNDS? If I pay for a lost item online, then find it and return it, am I entitled to a refund? (online payment | credit card payment)


Refunds are not available for payments made online. The online payment service is unable to provide the type of receipt required by County Auditor/Controller in order to issue a refund.

Online payments should only be made on lost or damaged items that you are sure were not returned to the library and are not likely to be found in the future.   If you feel there is a chance a lost item was returned to the library or might be found, then it is recommended that you visit a community library to make your payment where library staff will be able to issue a receipt.  This receipt may entitle you to a partial refund, should the item be returned within a year of the payment transaction.  Refunds will be calculated by subtracting the non-refundable processing fee and any overdue fines owed on the item in question from the total amount paid.  Library staff can advise you of any items that do not qualify for partial refunds.

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