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How do I transfer eBooks to my Kobo?

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2014  |  6334 Views
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This information about using the Kobo eReader with the Library's OverDrive collection of eBooks comes from:


To load a book from the Public Library


Initial Configuration (You only need do this once): 


1. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your PC/Mac and link it to/create your Adobe ID (the software will walk you through creating an Adobe account when you first install it - an Adobe ID can be created at  


and the ADE software downloaded from


2. With ADE shut down, plug your Kobo into your computer and allow it to mount. 

3. Start ADE. It should detect that you have a Kobo reader connected to your PC and offer to Authorise the reader on your account.


Borrowing a Library Book: 

  1. Using your web browser of choice, log into your local library account, select your books and download the file. It will be called "Something.ascm". Remember where you saved the file. 
  2. On your computer, locate the .ascm file you just downloaded and double-click it. This will launch ADE. The software will process the .ascm file, download the book and authorise it with the ADE servers. It will then automatically appear in your library. 
  3. Connect the Kobo Reader into your PC/Mac using the USB cable. On a Windows PC, the reader will just appear in ADE. On a Mac, you will need to exit ADE (Command-Q) and launch it again in order to see the Kobo eReader. 
  4. In ADE, under "Bookshelves", click on "Borrowed" to filter your ADE library to only see library books (this is helpful if you have a large collections of books in your ADE library). 
  5. Drag the book cover in the main window of ADE over to the list of bookshelves and drop it on the icon representing the Kobo Reader. The book will be copied to the reader's internal memory. 
  6. Unmount the Kobo Reader from the PC/Mac and unplug the USB cable. The Kobo should now display a message that it is processing new files. Shortly thereafter, your library books should be listed in your Books I'm Reading list with a "New" tag.

A Few Helpful Hints

  • Depending on where your computer puts downloaded files, you may have to hunt around a bit to find the urllink.acsm file. A quick search for "urllink" can help.
  • The urllink.acsm file is not actually the ebook file. It is a link that ADE uses to go to the library's servers and download the ebook file into Adobe Digital Editions. You can't "read" a urllink file.

(Thanks to "Croptop" from Mobilereads for content & ideas)

For additional information click here to visit OverDrive Help.

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