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Library FAQs

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How do I get museum passes online? - Discover & Go

Discover & Go provides instant online access to free and low-cost tickets to museums, science centers, zoos, theatres and other fun local cultural venues.


  1. Log in with your library card and last name on the Discover & Go site
  2. Browse for passes by date or by venue.
  3. Make a reservation.
  4. Print your pass. (Important info on printing and canceling: .) 



  • You must be a Contra Costa County resident at least 16 years of age
  • You need a full-service library card (you cannot use an e-card or institutional library card).
  • You can have up to 2 active reservations at a time.
  • You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.
  • Reservations can be canceled only if the pass has not been printed.
  • Some venues have placed a 1-pass-per-year restriction and you will only be able to reserve those passes once per calendar year. You will find details about each pass within the venue information.
  • The pass is for use only by the person named and only on the date specified. No photocopies are allowed. Valid ID is required.

How do I get a library card?

library car

All California residents can get a library card. If you live outside of Contra Costa County, please apply in person for a full-access card at any Community Library.

If you're a Contra Costa County resident apply online now (en Español) for an e-card to begin using Library online services today.

Then visit any Community Library to exchange the e-Card for a full-access library card and use all the library's services including:

The applicant, parent, or legal guardian must provide picture identification and address verification as listed below:

  • Current California Driver's License or California ID card (Temporary driver's license is not acceptable)

OR, any combination of two from this list, including the following:

  • Any government issued picture ID (military ID, green card, etc.)
  • Student ID card
  • Recent student report card
  • A credible ID issued by a reputable business or organization
  • Imprinted bank check (personal check or payroll check made payable to customer)
  • A piece of first class mail postmarked within the past 30 days
  • Voter registration card
  • Utility bill (print or digital)
  • Automobile registration
  • A letter from a Social Service Provider stating that the individual receives mail at the provider's address

If no verification for a permanent address can be shown, an Address Verification Postcard can be sent to the applicant's residence.

Those under 13 years of age must sign the library application (first name only is acceptable), and must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian.  Before signing the parent or legal guardian should read the letter on the reverse side of the application form.

Applicant must be present to be issued a full-access library card.

Library cards expire every 3 years; e-cards are valid for 1 year.

Can I print from my laptop over WiFi?

You can print from the Library's WiFi network by installing a temporary printer driver while you are visiting the Library. This driver will be automatically removed from your laptop when it is restarted.

To download the driver, connect to the Library's WiFi network, then click on the link below for the branch you are visiting and follow the instructions. Some of the below links will not work unless you are in the Library and connected to the Library's WiFi network.

Please note that patrons using Windows 7 or Windows Vista must disable User Account Control (UAC) for wireless printing to function. Instructions for how to disable UAC are available here.

Antioch Library

Bay Point Library

Brentwood Library

Clayton Library

Concord Library

Crockett Library

Danville Library

Dougherty Station Library

El Cerrito Library

El Sobrante Library

Hercules Library

Kensington Library

Lafayette Library

Martinez Library

Moraga Library

Oakley Library

Orinda Library

Pinole Library

Pittsburg Library

Pleasant Hill Library

Rodeo Library

San Pablo Library

San Ramon Library

Walnut Creek Library

Ygnacio Valley Library



If you have trouble or need further instructions, please refer to the following documents:

How to Use WiFi Printing - Windows

How to Use WiFi Printing - Mac

Troubleshooting WiFi Printing - Windows

How do I make donations to the Library?


The entire community benefits from your donation of materials or funds and your Library is grateful that you think of us. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Cash. For a one-time donation of funds to the Contra Costa County Library, please use the PayPal donation form or the paper form if you prefer to mail a check.

  • Books. Begin at your Community Library.  Community Library staff use many criteria when assessing donations to add to the collection. Age and condition of a title, intended audience, size of collection to which the title is being donated, specific community need, alternative means to access a title, and other factors play a role. Staff balances these criteria against the cost of owning the material (cataloging, processing, other staff costs, and storage costs) in accordance with the Library's Collection Development Plan.

  • Books for Friends Groups. Many of the Community Libraries are supported by Friends of the Library groups that work closely with library staff to accept & process donations. In many cases, Friends groups are offered materials for book sales. The Friends of the Library run these sales in order to generate funding for new books and library programs. Visit your Friends of the Library page to find a description of what kinds of books your local Friends group accepts.                                                                                                       

  • Bestsellers. If you purchased a copy of the latest bestseller and you're finished reading it, please consider donating it to your Community Library. Help your neighbors by helping your Library meet the demand for the latest titles!

  • Juvenile Hall. If you would like to buy a new book and donate it to the Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility or  Juvenile Hall Library, please use their wish list on Amazon.

  • Brentwood Library has its own Memorial and Honor Book program. You can make your request over the phone, in person or by printing out the form and mailing or faxing it in.

  • Leave a Library Legacy! If you wish to discuss a gift to the Library, please call the County Librarian at 925.608.7700.
    If you are planning to include the Contra Costa County Library in your will, you should also consult your attorney.


All contributions to the Contra Costa County Library are tax deductible.

After reviewing the guidelines for donations at your local library do you still have other items you would like to donate?

How do I place holds on items?

HOLDS (Request materials)

You can request (place a hold) on any titles in the Contra Costa County Library catalog, with the exception of non-circulating materials.  Titles that have available copies on the shelf may be sent from one Contra Costa County Library location to another. This is a free service. 


How Long Does it Take to Get a Hold?

It may take a few days for the requested item to be transported to the requested pickup location.  If there is a hold queue, you may have to wait until it's your turn. All requests are first come, first serve.

To Place a Hold on an item:

  • Use the Visual Catalog to search for a title.
  • Click on the title to view the full record.
  • Click the "Place Hold" button in the Visual Catalog
  • Enter your Library card barcode number and last name then click "enter."
  • Choose the Community Library where you want to pick up the requested material.
  • You should see the message "Your hold has been placed."
  • We will contact you when the item is ready for pick-up.

You can suspend/reactivate a hold through the Visual Catalog.

Find Your Place in the Holds Queue:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click "holds"
  3. You'll see your place in the hold queue for each title.

How To Change the Pickup Location

Staff can change the pickup location for you. Please contact library staff for assistance.

Notification that Holds are Ready for Pickup

The Library will provide an email, SMS (text message), automated phone message, or a letter through U.S. Mail when your item is ready for pick up.

Sign Up for Text or Email Notices

You can receive text and/or email courtesy notices when holds are ready, before items are due, and when items are overdue. We recommend you sign up for all of the following services:

  • Add / change your email address to receive email courtesy notices from the Library (add to your address book or spam filter settings). Otherwise, you will receive automated phone calls.
  • Opt-in for text (SMS) hold notices. 
    This can be done either with staff assistance or you may do it online via the Visual Catalog:
    1. Log in to Visual Account in upper right hand corner of 
        Visual Catalog page.
    2. Select Account Summary tab.
    3. On left menu, select Opt-in & Notifications.
    4. Select Change Contact Info to update cell phone number and associated     carrier/wireless provider.

  • Signup for LibraryElf - a 3rd party service we subscribe to, on your behalf, so you may: 

-consolidate your family's library cards
-receive text (SMS) notices
-receive courtesy email at an alternate email address, etc.


How do I Check the Status of My Request?

Check your library account online:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click "holds"
  3. The status of the item will say "ready for pickup." If the item is not picked up by the date shown, it will be sent back.
  4. "Intransit" means the item is being transported from one location to another but IS NOT READY for pickup.

Hold Shelf

Holds are kept on the hold shelf for 7 days.

If you no longer wish to borrow the requested material, for the benefit of other library users, please take steps to cancel your hold.

If someone else will be picking up your holds, they must present your library card. 

Hold Limits

You are allowed 100 holds at any given time, including 10 LINK+ items on request, but not yet checked out.

How to Cancel a Pending Hold

  1. Login to your Library account
  2. Click "holds" 
  3. Click the title to cancel
  4. Click "Cancel this hold" in the blue column on the left

To Cancel a Hold that is "Intransit" or "Ready for Pickup":

If the status is "intransit --> sent" please wait until the status is "Ready for Pickup" then follow these steps:

Cancel it online. The link is also provided on email courtesy notices the Library sends you. Or, contact the Community Library pickup location by phone to let staff know you don't need the item.

Can the Library tell me when books are due? When holds are ready?

You can receive text and/or email courtesy notices when holds are ready, before items are due, and when items are overdue. We recommend you sign up for all of the following services:

  • Add / change your email address to receive email courtesy notices from the Library (add to your address book or spam filter settings). Otherwise, you will receive automated phone calls. 
  • Opt-in for text (SMS) hold notices.
    This can be done either with staff assistance or you may do it online via the  Visual Catalog:
    1. Log in to Visual Account in upper right hand corner of Visual Catalog page.
    2. Select Account Summary tab.
    3. On left menu, select Opt-in & Notifications.
    4. Select Change Contact Info to update cell phone number and associated      
        carrier/wireless provider.

  • Sign up for LibraryElf -
    a 3rd party service we subscribe to, on your behalf, so you may: 
    consolidate your family's library cards
    - receive text (SMS) notices
    - receive courtesy email at an alternate email address


Notices are provided as a courtesy; borrowers are responsible for picking up holds and returning materials on time.

If, for any reason, you don't receive a courtesy notice, you are responsible for any late

You can log in to your Library account and monitor the status of your holds or your due dates:
• Log in to Visual Catalog
• Select Checked Out to see the due dates
• Select Holds to see if status is "ready for pickup" and the "pick up by" date

My library card account is expired. How can I update it?

Your Library card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue; it expires automatically (e-cards are valid for 1 year).

Update your account in person at any Community Library. Please bring valid ID and proof of current address.

There is no cost to get a library card, or to update one

How do I renew the items I have borrowed?


Materials may be renewed:

  • online

    • Log into your Library Account (Classic or Visual)
  • by telephone

    • Call 1-800-984-4636 extension #1 toll-free from within Contra Costa County. From outside the county, call 925-646-6434

  • in person at any of our community libraries 

Renewal limits

  • Books may be renewed twice

  • Books on CD (audiobooks), music CDs, and CD-ROMs can be renewed once.

  • DVDs, Lucky Day item, and Magazines/periodicals cannot be renewed

  • Items checked out on an institutional card cannot be renewed.


  • LINK+  items must be renewed through your LINK+ account and are subject to the policies of the lending library.



How to Renew Online: 


 visual renewal

  • Click on View Loans to see the items charged to your account
  • Click in the box to the right of each item you wish to renew

  • Click on the word Renew at the top of the list to the right

  • You will see the outcome of your renewal request for each item


 Classic Catalog

classic renewal

  • Click on Checked Out to view the items charged to your account

  • Click in the box to the left of each item you wish to renew

  • Click on Renew Checked on the far left in the blue column

  • You will see the outcome of your renewal request for each item

Renewals are not guaranteed and not all items can be renewed.

You may not renew an item if:

  • Another library user has placed a hold on the item and is waiting
  • You have already renewed the item as many times as allowed
  • Renewals are not allowed on this material
  • Your Library card has expired and must be renewed
  • You owe $10.00 or more
  • Your account is blocked for any other reason

What is LINK+? (interlibrary loan) How Do I Use It?


LINK+ Account Login   Search LINK+



LINK+ is a free service where Contra Costa County Library card holders can borrow materials not available from the Contra Costa County Library.  LINK+ is a cooperative effort among many California & Nevada public and academic libraries. Use your library card to request items for pickup at your local Community Library.


  • Search: Click on this link,, to search the LINK+ catalog, or look for "Search LINK+" on the top menu of the library catalog

  • Request:

    • Click on "Request This Item", select "Contra Costa County Library" from the drop-down menu, and click "Submit"

    • Enter your name, library card number, select the pickup location from the drop-down menu, and click "Submit"

    • If your item is available you will see the message "Your request for [item requested] was successful."

    • You are allowed 10 LINK+ items on request at one time.

  • Unsuccessful Requests:

    • You cannot request items that are available from Contra Costa County Library.

    • If no copies are available on shelf at the lending library, you cannot successfully request the item.

    • If there is a problem with your library account, you cannot request LINK+ items.

    • If the lending library's policy does not allow the item to be loaned through LINK+, the request will not be successful.

  • Pickup & Check Out

    • You will be notified when the item you requested is ready for pickup.

    • Pickup and check out LINK+ items at the Service Desk. LINK+ items are not kept with other holds and must be checked out by Library Staff.

    • The due date will be written by staff on the LINK+ label or book band and a printed receipt will also be issued. Check your receipt for the due date information for each item.

  • Renew: You can request to renew LINK+ items 3 days before or 2 days after the due date. Renewal is not guaranteed.

    • Login to your LINK+ account using your last name & library card number.

    • Click on the box next to the item(s), then click the "renew selected" button.

    • Review the transaction information displayed, then select "Yes" to complete.

    • The message "Renewed 1 Time" will appear under the due date.

    • If you see the message "Renewal Denied: the renewal is NOT approved."  You must return the item(s) by the original due date.

    • Check your LINK+ account later to verify the renewal status. You can find the LINK+ Account on the MY ACCOUNT page on the library website.

  • Return: 
    • Return LINK+ items directly to library staff at the Service Desk at any Contra Costa County Library location .

    • Do not use the book drop or self-return.

    • Get a receipt from staff and keep it until the items are cleared from your LINK+ account. You are responsible for any LINK+ materials that have not been checked in.

  • Fines:
    • Overdue charge for LINK+ items is $1.00 per day (maximum of $5.00) per item.

    • The charge for lost or damaged LINK+ items is determined by the lending library and will not exceed $115.00. This charge is payable by check or money only (no debit/credit cards or cash).
  • Keeping Track:
    • Use your LINK+ account to check the status of your LINK+ requests and renew checked out items.

    • Use your regular Library card account to check when LINK+ items are ready for pickup, due dates and fines.

    • Your regular library card account will not show the specific title of the LINK+ item requested or checked out. It will be listed as "LinkPlus item#". To view the title, click on the radio button to expand the item information


Learn more about LINK+ in this printable brochure

If you have questions, contact library staff here.

When I try to access links to book lists with Chrome I just get lines of code.

The Chrome browser will not display RSS without an extension installed. 

Here is a list of extensions to use with Chrome:

How do I pay my library fines online with a credit or debit card? (online payment | e-commerce)

Video tutorial - how to pay fines online

Payments can be made online using a Visa or MasterCard credit card, or with a signature debit card which display the Visa or MasterCard logo. 

Signature debit cards can be used at the point of sale like a credit card, however the payment is linked directly to a bank account rather than a line of credit.

IMPORTANT: Payments that are declined when using a debit card as a credit card will remain unavailable for several days as it takes the bank several days before the transaction is reconciled by the bank and hard-posted to the account. For declined transactions, the funds WILL BE RETURNED to the account after several days.

Regular debit card payment with PIN is not currently available.  Credit cards cannot be used when paying through staff at a library location.


How to Pay Fines Online

From the library website, click on My Account on any Internet PC in the library or remotely at

  • Click the "Library Account (Visual)" button.
  • Click on the "Fines and Fees" link on your account, select the fines you wish to pay, then click on the "Pay Fines" button. 
  • You will be asked to complete the payment form with name, address, email and credit card information. 
  • When ready, submit the form and if confirmed, the payment will be registered immediately on your account.

    For more on credit card payments online, see all of the E-commerce questions answered on Answer Me This.

What fines does the library charge?


The library charges fines to encourage customers to return materials so others can use them.

Fines owed remain on your account until paid. Materials can still be borrowed from the Library if fines on an account are under $10.00. 

Accounts owing $10.00 or more will be blocked from borrowing materials and collection efforts will continue until the fines/fees are paid.

Accounts owing $50.00 or more (effective July 1, 2015) or $35.00 or more prior to July 1, 2015, will be referred to our materials recovery agency, Unique Management Services (aka: "UMS" or "Unique National Collections")

The parent or guardian of a child is responsible for any overdue materials, fines or fees on the child's account.

Each library card user is expected to monitor their library card activity. Library card activity, including information about outstanding materials, fines, or fees is accessible online by logging into your library account. You may also contact library staff for information about your account.

EBooks,eAudiobooks, eVideos, and eMagazines will automatically be returned at the end of the lending period and cannot accumulate late fees. 

Schedule of Fines and Charges - Effective January 1, 2014






  FEE *


Adult & Young   Adult
  Books, CD's, Cassettes


$5.00 per item or cost if less

Item price or $25.00



Adult & Young   Adult
  Paperbacks, Magazines, Pamphlets


$2.00 per item or cost if less




  Books, CDs, Cassettes


$1.00 per item or cost if less

Item price or $15.00



  Paperbacks, Magazines, Pamphlets


$1.00 per item or cost if less




Videos, DVDs & CD   ROM Products


$5.00 per item

Item price or $25.00





$5.00 per Kits

Replacement Cost



  Projectors, Cassette Player, Engravers, etc.


$5.00 per item

Replacement Cost



LINK+ Interlibrary   Loan items


$5.00 per item

Determined by
  lending library, not
  to exceed $115.00,
  processing fee



Note:  Fines accrued at the time of renewal are not canceled.


  • 10 days overdue: The Library notifies you by email, phone, or U.S. Mail.
  • 30 days overdue: The Library notifies you by U.S. Mail that the items are considered lost and requests the replacement cost & a $5.00 processing fee for each item.
  • 60 days overdue: Account balances of $50.00 or more (effective July 1, 2015), or $35.00 or more (prior to July 1, 2015), are sent to a materials recovery agency Unique Management Services (UMS, aka Unique National Collections): and a $10.00 materials recovery fee is added to the library card account to cover that cost.  UMS will attempt to contact the patron or their parent, if cardholder is a minor), both by phone and U. S. Mail.  Accounts will remain in collection until overdue materials are returned, and/or outstnding fines and fees are paid in full, and any remaining account delinquencies are otherwise resolved.

Note:   The Library does not send notices or bills for outstanding overdue fines (late fees).  For accounts with balances of $50.00 or more consisting solely of overdue fines (no lost or overdue materials), UMS will send a preliminary bill on behalf of the Library, prior to initiating collection activity.  The cost for this service is included in the $10.00 fee.


Fines may be paid by cash or check in person or by U.S. Mail, or online by credit or debit card. Library staff are not allowed to handle credit/debit card transactions. The library provides self-service computers on site for customers to process their credit card payments. We currently accept both VISA and MasterCard.



Payments made for fines and fees are non-refundable, with a few exceptions. Refer to Refunds for more detailed information.


UMS & Your Credit Rating

As of June 15, 2016, library card accounts will not be credit reported.  However, once an account is referred to our materials recovery and billing service, Unique National Collections, AKA Unique Management Services, or UMS), the account status will remain in collection and the account will be blocked until the overdue materials are returned in good condition, and all outstanding fines and fees are paid in full, and any remaining delinquencies otherwise resolved.  Borrowing privileges will be restored once the account balance is $0.00.

Can you proctor a test for me?

The Contra Costa County Library is not able to offer examination proctoring services.

In order to assist students in obtaining the testing services needed, we have compiled a list of possible exam proctors in the area. This list is merely informational and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any type. Please contact the agency in question for accurate and complete information.


Alameda County Library (Fremont) - Unsupervised;
Open book exams only; No charge;
Phone: 510-745 - 1401 or 510-745-1500

Alameda Free Library - Open book exams only; 
(510) 747-7713

Bay Area Testing Center
10 Rollins - Suite 121
Millbrae, CA 94030
Phone: (650) 383-8856

California State University East Bay Testing Office
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd. Library, 3165A, Hayward, CA 94542
Phone: (510) 885-3662
Appointments are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. Monday through Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

Northern California Test Proctoring Center
Phone: (916) 789-9970

San Jose State University
Testing Office/Proctoring Services

Sylvan Learning Center
El Cerrito – Phone:  (510) 559-1400
M & W 10-3:30; T & TH 11-5:30;
Accepts cash, checks or credit cards; Payment expected at time of exam;$75 flat fee for up to 2 hours; $50 for each additional hour.

What is an e-Card?

A free e-Card is available to Contra Costa County residents only.
Apply online now (en Español)


With your e-Card you can:

  •  get immediate access to the Library's online databases, California Missions, Cliffs Notes, TumbleBook Library, and Virtual Reference Library (Encyclopedias)
  •  place holds on or request items
  •  request LINK+ items, but not until the day after you apply for the e-Card

NOTE:  e-Cards ARE NOT VALID for use with eBooks on the OverDrive and ENKI platforms, nor for use with Kanopy Movies, or Discover & Go.

Visit us in-person at any Community Library to exchange the e-Card for a full-access library card.

A full-access library card is required to:

  •     use Discover & Go (Contra Costa County residents only)
  •     check out materials
  •     use library computers or reserve library computers
  •     download OverDrive or ENKI eBooks.

Any resident of California can apply for a full-access library card by visiting a Community Library with valid ID and proof of current address.

e-Cards expire after 1 year, or when you upgrade to a full-access card.

What happens when my items are overdue?

If you have items overdue, the Library follows this process:

  • 10 days overdue: Library sends overdue notice by email, phone, or U.S. mail
  • 30 days overdue: Overdue items are now set to Lost status. Library sends a bill by U.S. mail for lost items
  • 60 DAYS OVERDUE: Account balances of 50.00 or more (effective July 1, 2015), or $35.00 or more ( prior to July 1, 2015), are sent to a materials recovery agency Unique Management Services (UMS, aka Unique National Collections); and a $10.00 materials recovery fee is added to the library card account to cover that cost. UMS will attempt to contact the cardholder or their parent (if cardholder is a minor), both by phone and U.S. Mail.  Accounts will remain in collections until overdue materials are returned and/or outstanding fines and fees are paid in full, and any remaining account delinquencies are otherwise resolved.


Search: for:
Library plug-ins: Find CCCL on facebook! Subscribe to feeds! follow contracostalib on twitter

How do I get books delivered to Rossmoor?

Rossmoor Books-to-Go is a free service provided by the Walnut Creek Library and Rossmoor community volunteers.

How it Works
Use the Contra Costa County Library Online Catalog to place a hold. Select "Rossmoor Books-to-Go" as the pickup location. You can also request items by calling the Walnut Creek Library.

Volunteers deliver requested items every Thursday to the Administration office in Gateway. materials are already checked out to you for a period of 4 weeks (including delivery time).

You will receive notice by automated phone call or email THE DAY BEFORE your items are ready for you. You can pick them up and return them at the Rossmoor Administration office Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:30 pm. Return items to the Administration office on or before the due date.

You can renew items that have no waiting lists through your online library account, or by calling 1-800-984-INFO and choosing Bookline (menu option 1).

To Make a Request
Use the Contra Costa County Library Online Catalog to place a hold. Select "Rossmoor Books-to-Go" as the pickup location. You can also request items by calling the Walnut Creek Library.

What can be requested: Contra Costa County Library books, music CDs, CD-ROM software,  books on CD, magazines, and DVDs (movies).

What cannot be requested: LINK+ books, non-circulating items, and non-requestable items.

For assistance, call or visit the Walnut Creek Library, or visit the Rossmoor Computer Club's office in Gateway.

Note: Please do not return Contra Costa County Library materials that were not delivered via this program to the Rossmoor Administration Office.

How do I find information on a property (parcel number, APN, map, zoning)?

You can look up a property on Contra Costa County's property mapping database, CCMAP.   

1. From the County Assessor's site, browse to Maps & Property Information, then CCC Mapping Information (or go directly to for information on individual parcels.

2. Enter street address:  for example 2530 Arnold Dr

3. Click on the address link that is returned.

4. Click on the "identify" icon on top menu:  

5. On the map, click on the property you are interested in:

 6. Parcel information will appear on the right.  Links to Property Tax info and Assessor's map for parcel are also included.

7. For Zoning information, click on the "LAYERS" option on top menu and check the box next to "Zoning".

  • if the property is in an unincorporated zone, this will be indicated in the property info on right side of screen. 
  • e.g.
  • or the property will be identified as within a City Boundary 
  • e.g.

 8.  For Flood Zone information, click on LAYERS, open the Geologic Hazard/Natural Hazard folder, and select/check "Flood Zone - FEMA".  Click on the "identify" icon then on your property in the map to display the information.

Note: property OWNER NAME is not included (only owner's address included as "Mail Address"); call the Assessor's office - (925) 313-7400 - for this - they will give up to 5 owner names for free. If the APN is not known, they will transfer the call to Drafting/Mapping at 925.313.7435


Why no Owner Name online?

California Government Code 6254.21 states that "No state or local agency shall post the home address or telephone number of any elected or appointed official on the Internet without first obtaining the written permission of that individual." As the cost to collect and continuously update this information is prohibitive, the CCMap web site does not display the Assessee name information.

See also, ParcelQuest, a new simple search tool that allows you to view parcel maps, assessed values, and details about houses in a simple and easy-to-use way.

VISUAL CATALOG: How do I create an EZ Username?

For a short video tutorial on how to create your EZ Username, click here. 

1. From the Visual Catalog, click "Log In" in the upper right, then enter your Library Card Account Number and Last Name; click "log in."

2. Click your account.

3. Click "EZ Login" in the left menu. Enter your desired username. Enter your password twice to confirm, then click "save." The next time you login, you can use your EZ Login or your Library Card account number.

4. For step-by-step instructions on changing your EZ username, changing your EZ password, or what to do if you forgot your EZ password, please see:

How do I change my EZ log in? (or forgot your password)

1. From the Visual Catalog, click "Log In" in the upper right, then enter your Library Card Account Number and Last Name; click "log in."

2. Click your account.

3. To change your EZ username, click in the left menu (under account summary), type your new EZ username and your EZ password, then click "save." A green bar confirming the change appears at the top of the screen for just a few moments before it disappears.


3a. If you don't know your password you can have the reset instructions sent to the email address listed under "contact information." Click "forgot your password?" and enter your EZ Username. Click "submit":

3b. A green bar appears at the top of the screen for just a few moments before disappearing.

3c. Check your email account for your new password (and check your spam folder too, if the info is not in your inbox).


4. To change your EZ password, click in the left menu (under account summary), type your new EZ password, type it again to confirm, type your current EZ password and then click "save." A green bar confirming the change appears at the top of the screen for just a few moments before it disappears.


How do I use my library account?


Login to your Library account by clicking "my account," on the home page of the library website.


Select the account you want to review. You can renew your items from your library account, manage your eBooks with your download account, renew your LINK+ items, print your Discover & Go museum passes, etc.

You can create an EZ Login to access your Visual account with a username and password. This is a convenient way to login without your library card number.

Updating Name and Contact Information

Changes to your name or street address must be made in-person. Please bring valid picture ID and verification of your new address to any community library and we will update your library account.

Update your email address and phone number online:

  • Login to the Visual Catalog to change your email address and / or phone number.
  • Under the "account summary" button, click "change contact info."
  • Save your changes
  • If you would like to receive courtesy email notices, you can add your email address.

Closing your Account

If you are moving away from the area, please contact the Library so we can cancel your card. If there are outstanding materials, fines, or fees, those must be resolved before the account can be closed. 

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, notify the library immediately with your name and address or card number. Request that a "block" be placed on your account so no one can borrow items without presenting valid ID. You can replace the card on your next visit to your Community Library. Bring valid picture ID. The fee to replace a card is $1.00 for Adults and $0.50 for a child (under 13).

In the interim, if you are a Contra Costa County resident you can apply online for an e-Card, which allows you to use databases and to place holds until you are able to replace your full-service library card.

You can contact us during open hours to have staff help you renew items on your account.

Updating Other Accounts When a New Card is Issued

  •   LINK+
    • Your LINK+ account will automatically update with your new number within 24 hours of getting a replacement card.


Account Messages - Patron Restricted

There are a variety of reasons your account access may be blocked. For example, the library card needs to be renewed (every 3 years), the balance due is over $10.00, there are lost items on the account, etc.  Contact us for more information.

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